The Workshop Film Group is an independent not-for-profit group established in 1968 to promote and foster appreciation of film. We are a member of the Australian Film Societies Federation.

We aim to provide a venue for people who appreciate films and  meeting others with similar interests.

We provide an alternative to to the cinema experience as we develop our own programmes based on quality films that are not main-stream. We select films from all genres, documentaries and shorts from distributors including the National Film and Sound Archive.

At the meetings, the film is introduced by a committee member or special guest, then screened, afterwards we enjoy a light supper followed by informative, lively discussions.

Screenings are on the first and third Fridays of the month. Please arrive by 7.45pm for 8pm. Walk up the stairs to the Studio 1 on the first floor. Please try and arrive by 8pm when the door closes, otherwise ring the Studio One bell.

Our venue is an art studio at the Workshop Art Centre, located at 33 Laurel Street, Willoughby on the corner of Hollywood Crescent.

Yearly Membership is $50 single and $75 double. This is less than $2.50 for each screening based on single membership!

Subscription fees are used to pay for the film screening rights, film hire, shipping costs, rental of the screening room and other associated costs. All administration work conducted by the committee members in running the Workshop Film Group is voluntary.

Why not come along and experience a screening for yourselves? Your first screening is free and there is no obligation to join. You are welcome to bring a friend along too.

As a special event every year, our group organise a film event at Katoomba over the October long weekend, not included as part of your subscription. More information is available from the tab above.

Below is the original aim of the Group that stands the test of time today.


The main purpose of our Film Club as you know, is to show a variety of films, new/old, foreign/English speaking, for the benefit of people who are deeply interested in films of all kinds, and our aim is to meet afterwards to discuss -either amongst ourselves, or with a provided discussion leader – all aspects of the film shown as it appears to us all. The variety of opinions plus the feedback should make for a stimulating discussion evening.

This is what we are trying to do. The only way a Group like ours can grow and not stagnate is for members to enter enthusiastically into these discussions and “give out” more of themselves.

The Committee are hoping that members will speak out more and tell them of any changes they feel should be made. We are there to be approached with ant ideas that can improve and stimulate. Without this kind of co-operation any Group becomes dull and people lose interest and leave. None of us want that to happen!  …………

SO PLEASE help us to revitalise our Group. Bring along friends – tell US please what you think of our choice of films – and stay for discussion whenever possible.

Thank You!



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